Saturday, January 30, 2010

Shabu-shabu (しゃぶしゃぶ )

Shabu-shabu-japanese foods

shabu shabu is a Japanese food Nabemono kind of very thin slices of beef dipped in a special pot of hot water on the dining table, and waved in the sauce for several times before being eaten with sauce (tare) contains sesame called gomadare or ponzu. In the pot is usually also included vegetables, tofu, or kuzukiri.

shabu shabu is Apart from very thin slices of beef, other meats can be eaten as shabu-shabu meats such as chicken, lamb, Fugu fish, octopus and snapper. Gyūshabu is the name for shabu-shabu beef. In Hokkaido, shabu shabu is called Ramushabu lamb. Shabu shabu pork called Tonshabu or Butashabu. Nagoya is known in the shabu shabu with Kōchin chicken called Nagoya Niwatorishabu.