Monday, March 22, 2010

Wakizashi 脇差

Wakizashi 脇差
Wakizashi 脇差

Wakizashi is the substitution of weapons Edo period Japanese samurai past. Because the Japanese Samuari more likely to use the katana, spears, arrows than wakizashi. Actually wakizashi is a "sword" but more so in short, recognized as a Japanese samurai tradition pisau.Dalam, wakizashi is used to commit seppuku suicide by sticking to his stomach wakizashi. Seppuku done if the samurai could not fulfill his duty

Sunday, March 7, 2010

How to take care Japanese sword (simple)

How to take care (simple)

How to take care of the sword after an Iaido practices is being explained easily with
this topic. Take care of the sword after the practices always. If the care for the sword
is neglected, a sword rusts in the sweat of the hand and so on.

Japanese sword

(1) Face an edge toward the top, and pull out a sword slowly from the sheath. Then,
be careful not to damage a sheath.

Japanese sword

(2) Hold the sword pulled out with your left hand. Then, remove old oil and dust from
the sword with the Nuguigami. Put a Nuguigami on the Mune of the sword when
wiping the sword, and wipe the sword toward the top from the bottom.

Japanese sword Japanese sword

(3) Pat a sword body with the Uchiko. Powder equally on the both sides of the sword
body. Then, wipe the white powder with the new Nuguigami which is different
from the paper used some time ago. Repeat this handle, and remove the blurs of
the oil completely.

Japanese sword

(4) Apply new oil to the sword body, and put away a sword to the sheath. Put the
oiling paper on the Mune of the sword when oiling the sword, and oil the sword
toward the top from the bottom. Don't oil a sword in quantity very much. Oil equally
the both sides of the sword body.
If the care for the sword is finished, put a sword in the sword bag, and keep it. Keep a
sword in the place where it dries in the shade.
How to take care of the sword of this topic isn't perfect. Therefore, remove the hilt
once in three months, and care for the tang(Nakago) and so on.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Care of a sword-Mekuginuki


Care of a sword-Mekuginuki

This is used to remove the Mekugi of the sword. The Mekuginuki can remove(thrust) the Mekugi with the sharp part. Moreover, the Mekuginuki can put(push) the Mekugi in the surface of a part like a hammer.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Care of a sword-Neguigami


Care of a sword-Neguigami

It is not regular paper, the high quality thick Japanese paper and flannel are being used. It is used for wiping out old oil and wiping out an Uchiko. The paper which wipes out oil and the Uchiko is distinguished respectively, and it is being used.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Care of a sword-Uchiko


Care of a sword-Uchiko

The thing which made a whetstone powder-shaped is being packed into the Uchiko. White powder appears from the Uchiko when a sword body is struck with the Uchiko. There are two use purposes. The Uchiko removes the old oil which sticks to the sword body. Furthermore, the Uchiko beautifies the surface of the sword

Care of a sword-Oil

Care of a sword-OilOil is used to prevent the rust of the Japanese sword. Oil makes a film of the oil between the sword body and the air, and it prevents the oxidization of the sword body. Oil dries inabout five months. Therefore, reprint it in the new oil once in three months. Oil a sword body by using the thing which cut a Nuguigami and flannel into the suitable size. (The absorbent cotton and the leather of the deer as well are being used.)