Thursday, January 13, 2011

Kimono for Girl Furisode (振 袖)

Furisode (振 袖) is a kimono
Furisode (振 袖) is a kimono be used by unmarried women on formal occasions and permission shiki (成人 式), the traditional ceremony to celebrate the adolescent girls who grow up.

The formal black kimono Kurotomesode (黒 留 袖)

Kurotomesode (黒 留 袖) kimono

Kurotomesode (黒 留 袖) is the formal black kimono be used by the parents at her son's wedding day.

Uchikake (打掛) Kimono

Uchikake (打掛) Kimono

Uchikake (打 挂) is a formal kimono, white or red colored light that is used by the bride on her wedding day.

Kimono is a traditional clothing of Japan

Kimono - traditional clothing of Japan

The kimono is a traditional clothing of Japan for men and women that has existed since time immemorial. Only in Edo era, kimono experiencing changes that are still maintained, that sleeve is slightly longer for women who are not married and obi (wide belt to tighten kimono) are even greater.
The kimono comes from the word ki which means to wear, and Mono which means clothing. So the meaning is wearing a kimono.