Saturday, November 20, 2010


Traditional Japanese culture - GINKAKUJI (TEMPLE SILVER

originally also a villa, which was built in the area of Higashiyama (Kyoto) by Ashikaga Yoshimasa in the late 15th century (year 1482).
Ginkakuji building is coated with silver & take ZEN temple architectural style called "SHOINZUKURI" a distinguished feature of the building where there is room in Dlm SHOP NO MA "(bed)," CHIGAI FUND "(RAK), &" tatami "which lay neatly, then between rooms separated by dg room "FUSUMA" (sliding door of paper), and the wall,
and used also "AKARISHOJI" (paper window).
This force is then taken as the military-style house became the home of Japanese-style house now