Friday, March 25, 2011

Japanese Billionaire Helps Disaster Victims

  • Tadashi Yanai, worth U.S. $ 6.3 billion

    Shares of the company, Fast Retailing fell 20 percent after the earthquake, and reduce the U.S. $ 1.3 billion of his fortune. Despite the loss, he personally gave $ 12 million, which seems to be the largest individual contribution to the recovery of Japan. Group retail has donated U.S. $ 8.6 million in the form of clothing to the victims and cash of U.S. $ 5 million. This apparel retailer plans to collect donations in the donation box in 2200 the company Uniqlo, Theory, and other stores around the world.

    Tadashi Yanai and family have a wealth of U.S. $ 7.6 billion. In Japan he became the second richest person according to Forbes magazine, while the world he is ranked 122.

    • Masayoshi Son, the wealth of U.S. $ 8.2 billion
    Tadashi Yanai

    His company created the iPhone application that allows customers to make donations. He also gave 12 thousand phone with unlimited service for the areas affected by the disaster. The phone is given free of charge to assist agencies, community leaders and families of the victims. It also offers emergency messages to smart phones. Some Softbank closed his shop, especially the northeast region affected by rolling blackouts.

    He is the richest man in Japan, and for the world ranking CEO of SoftBank's Forbes 113 rank.