Sunday, October 25, 2009

History of the Japanese sword

The sword itself began in the era of human known Bronze age or the bronze age, where the manufacturing of metal blades long enough to be conducted. At first swords were made of iron. and when the blacksmith began to take into account the carbon content in it created the sword from the steel. Until the late 18th century sword play an important role in human history, but when he began to influence the development of gunpowder weapons are swords role began to decline and eventually considered not very important. finally the sword is often only addition and the symbol of the nation's leadership in the fame

At first Japanese sword can be said to imitate the sword that came from China (which has a characteristic sword and double-edged straight). these swords and improved over time. Someone named Amakuni (who lived in the 7th century) is said to be the creator of Japanese sword. say this is where the history of samurai swords in the beginning.