Saturday, October 17, 2009

Japanese Sword - exercise and how to care for it

How to swing a sword

  • There are many differences in the way of swinging a sword by school and so on.
  • How to swing the sword which we know is introduced here.
  • But, details can't be transmitted by the sentence.
  • Therefore, I want to increase detailed explanations and so on later.
  • Approximate shape was written in the picture.
  • Therefore, approve it when you can't understand it in the angle of the picture.
  • Having the teacher of iaido teach directly of the method that a sword is used is the best.

About the Beginner

  • The orbit of the proper sword is said as "Hasuji".
  • A beginner must make the practice which makes "Hasuji" right first more than swinging it fast.
  • If "Hasuji" is right, sound rings with the sword which "Hi" carves.
  • "Hi" is the thing of the groove carved in the sword body.
1, it lighten the weight of the sword.
2, it make a sword not break easily.
3, it ease a shock.
It is good to practice it by using iaito and so on which a gutter carves at first.


When "mekugi" becomes loose, a sword body comes out of the hilt. Never turn the edge of the sword to the person. It is very dangerous to turn the edge of the sword to the person. Be careful not to hurt yourself and a unrelated person when dealing with a sword.

How to hold a sword

How to hold a sword
Avoid the fuchigane of the hilt first, and hold a sword lightly with your right hand. And leave a left hand from the right hand about 4cm(It varies according to the length of the hilt.), and hold a hilt. Tighten a little finger and a third finger strongly, and then tighten the middle finger lightly. And try to float a thumb and a forefinger a little, and hold a hilt. It's the same in both hands. At this time, there must not be looseness in the hand. But, don't hold a hilt with all your strength. A sword is fixed when a hilt is held with all your strength. Then, you can't swing a sword so that you may think.
The distribution of the power of the right hand and the left hand is about 4(the right) : 6(the left). Bend an elbow a little, and remove the power of the shoulder a little. And tighten both armpits lightly. Then, space between the hilt head and the navel is about one fist.

How to cut a koiguchi“

The part of the entrance of the sheath is said as Koikuchi. Because it has a shape like the mouth of the carp. A sword is pulled out a little when a sword guard is pushed in the thumb of the left hand. This is said as "Cut a Koikuchi."
How to cut a koiguchi
Grip a koikuchi first with your left hand, and put the thumb of the left hand on the inside on the sword guard. And, push out a sword guard between the point of the thumb of the left hand and the first joint. At this time, you must not put a thumb right over the edge of the sword. This is the most careful point. When a thumb is put right on the edge, a finger is cut on the edge of the sword.Try to push up a hilt with your right hand from the bottom, and pull out a sword. Then, a sword comes out easily along the curve of the sheath.