Thursday, November 12, 2009

Kimono - Japanese Clothing captivating 2

KIMONO GIRLAs a differentiator from Western clothing (yōfuku) is known since the Meiji era, Japanese people refer to traditional Japanese clothing as wafuku (Japanese clothes). Before the familiar Western clothes, all clothing worn is called Japanese kimonos. Another term for the kimono is gofuku. Gofuku term originally used to describe the clothing of the state of Wu Dong (Japanese: Go country) who arrived in Japan from mainland China.
Traditional trousseau Japan (hanayome ishō) consists of furisode and uchikake (coat worn over furisode) Furisode for the bride to furisode different from young women who have not married Materials to be furisode wedding motif that is believed to invite luck, such as level of bird images. Color furisode bride furisode brighter than usual. Shiromuku is the name for the traditional bride's dress of white furisode clean with a motif fabric also white.