Saturday, December 12, 2009


Bentō-japanese foods

Bento (Bento) or o-bento is a Japanese term for the food supplies of the following rice side dishes in a practical package that can be carried and eaten elsewhere. Like rice packets, can be eaten as a bento lunch, dinner, or picnic.

Bento is usually packed for serving one person, although in a broad sense to mean that the food provision to a group or family. Bento can be prepared at home. When purchased, bento is equipped with disposable chopsticks, following a customized flavor with toppings, such as soy sauce or bottled sauce in a mini Uster.

Bento is a typical dish of settings and colors to unsightly and inviting taste. Bento packaging always has a lid, and container can be a bento box or a rectangular tray of plastic, bread boxes, or wooden boxes lacquered crafts. Housewife in Japan is considered necessary skills to prepare bento, bento though you can buy everywhere. In Indonesia, bento cuisine began popularized fast food restaurant chain Hoka-Hoka Bento since 1985.