Monday, February 1, 2010

Kimono History

Kimono History

Kimono, not under the influence of traditional Korean clothes. However, the kimono took inspiration from traditional Chinese clothes, "Hanfu" (Hanfu = han (han tribe) fu (clothing) -> tribal clothing hanfu = han). Modern kimono as we see today has come to be seen since the Heian period (c. 800).

Kimono usually made from Japanese silk-print in the technique "Yuzen". "Yuzen" printing technique that is repeated - so, pattern of the kimono is actually diulang2 (a kind monogram). Many people who think that the kimono is a kimono is painted and it contains a painting, but sebenernya wrong.

According to some sources, Kimono in the ancient times to be released parts per part for washing and sewn and spliced back time would be used, but the times have been eliminated this requirement.

Kimono for men there is also something for the ladies