Thursday, February 4, 2010

Taiyaki-Japanese snack food

Taiyaki-Japanese snack foodTaiyaki-Japanese snack food
Taiyaki-Japanese snack food
Taiyaki-Japanese snack food

Taiyaki is Japanese cakes shaped like a fish, and dough made from flour baked, then filled with red bean paste.
Taiyaki was first discovered in Japan in 1909, when one of the shops in the city of Minato, Tokyo, began to sell it, which is Naniwaya Souhonten store.

Taiyaki (鯛 焼き) is a Japanese cake shaped like a fish. This can be likened to pancakes or a waffle-shaped ... Taiyaki itself has a content of red bean paste made from sweetened azuki beans, Taiyaki can have other content that could lagy custard, chocolate, and cheese ..

Taiyaki is made of waffle batter is poured into a fish-shaped building. The contents included before finally ready Taiyaki baking. Then baked from both sides until they become golden brown color ..

Taiyaki was first created in the sweetshop "Naniwaya" in Tokyo in 1909 ... But right now Taiyaki can be found all over Japan, at the supermarket, and a very sure to find a festival in Japan "Matsuri" (祭