Thursday, January 28, 2010


Domburi-japanese foods

Domburi: This dish is quite simply a bowl of rice adorned with some sort of topping. A variety of toppings are popular in Japan, many of which have successfully migrated across the Pacific and into American restaurants. One example of this dish is oyakodon, which uses both chicken and egg for its topping. Another sort of domburi, gyudon, is beefy in flavor and more popular in Japan as fast food. Those of you who are especially outgoing tasters might like to sample unadon, a type of domburi wherein strips of grilled eel coated in a thick soya sauce are used to top the rice bowl.

Domburi use of bowls, the rice or soup is eaten by by picking up the bowl with your left hand and using the chopsticks with your right hand. If you are left-handed it is acceptable to do this in reverse. Bowls of soup such as noodle soup or Donburi may be lifted to your mouth but a bowl of rice may never be lifted your mouth. The contents must be eaten with chopsticks.