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Miyamoto Musashi

Miyamoto Musashi

Miyamoto Musashi is a Japanese historical figure, lived in the early 17th century in the early days of the Tokugawa shogunate rule. It is said that for Japanese men are so gives meaning. Two of the largest warships the Japanese empire during World War II, one of them named after him.

Musashi is not a statesman, of noble birth or a famous general. He just swordsman in the half end of his life and then go into the arts. As a warrior she did not have a lord (daimyo) where the service. Most of his life was spent with a wandering samurai (shugyosha) who explored throughout Japan and remains free spirit with a ronin (masterless samurai man's land).

But as he was not a swordsman swordsman most. Until the age of 30 he has done about 60 battles and was even undefeated. The first victory gained at the age of 13 years, with killing one of the older warriors. This is very unusual considering he did not have formal teacher who taught him to play a sword. In fact the opposite is bertarungnya famous warrior-warrior who came from big universities.

Duel Musashi's most famous moment with Sasaki Kojiro Funa Island (located between Honshu and Kyushu). According to the story, the Japanese were still talking about this duel until now. At that time, Kojiro also has earned a reputation as an invincible swordsman in the western province. Kojiro using the sword of the famous long-Drying Pole named Musashi was carrying a wooden sword, as is often used in a duel-other-duelnya who carved from an oar. The match ended with the death of Sasaki Kojiro.

After the fight he began to struggle less involved, let alone who to bring his opponent's death. He became focused to explore all the arts. In his old age he was known as an artist with a lot of ability. India ink painting, calligraphy, to create a sculpture. Again, like the ability to play a sword, his artistic maturity was obtained with no teachers.

At the end of his life he wrote a book which later became master piecenya. Book thin entitled The Book of Five Rings, which remained popular until now. This book contains reflections on the Way of the Sword and contains thoughts about philosophy of life. Called the Five Rings because he divides his book into five chapters: Chapter Land, Fire, Water, Wind and Emptiness.

Glance at the story of his life, perhaps this is what makes such a big influence for Musashi Japanese people. Judging from Musashi's origins are not descendants of the famous clan. Whereas in the feudal era, the clan can mean everything. Self-reliance and independence also makes many people wonder. He never had a teacher or master, as the samurai most of the time.

There is an interesting story as Musashi would be fighting against the Klan Yoshioka. Before the battle he could go to a temple and prayed for the help of the gods. Some time after the prayer, then shame swept over her. Musashi believed he did not deserve to rely on gods. Although he menghormari gods but only himself who should be relied upon.
Miyamoto Musashi

Musashi is a summary of the top because the self-made, without connections or descendants. And achievement that he paid with steely determination, independence, hard work, discipline, integrity and unparalleled perseverance.