Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sashimi has become more and more popular

Sashimi-japanese foods

Sushi has become more and more popular. Part of that popularity is due to the nutritional values in sushi. Sushi is chocked full of lean proteins and vegetables. Not only that, but sushi is an incredibly beautiful type of food. There is something incredibly fun about eating it, and it has become a culinary wave that has been sweeping the nation.

There is an exception to this logic within the realm of sushi. Sashimi, is actually sushi without the rice. This is a perfect option for those who tend to have a diet that is too rich in high glycemic foods

Sashimi is a form of Japanese food with fresh seafood straight excellent eaten raw along with seasonings like soy sauce, grated ginger, and wasabi.

Fresh seafood such as fish, shellfish, and crayfish served in a small slice of easy to eat, are small shrimp than just peeled the skin and removed his head alone.

Sashimi is seafood that is sliced thin and intended to be eaten raw. For grilling purposes, you can do with a lesser grade, but it's still good to know a little about what constitutes the best tuna before you make your selection.
Sashimi-japanese foods
Thinly cut seafood and shellfish of your choice, served with a spicy soya dipping sauce and are eaten raw. Types of Sashimi include:
  • Maguro Sashimi - uses raw lean tuna
  • Toro Sashimi - fresh fatty tuna
  • Ebi Sashimi - fresh tiger prawns
  • Saba Sashimi - raw mackerel
  • Ika Sashimi - cleaned squid
  • Tako Sashimi - octopus