Thursday, January 28, 2010

Homemade Sashimi

This dish is often mistaken for Sashimi by those still new to the realm of Japanese cuisine. Although it is often presented artistically, the fact remains that sashimi is raw fish, a truth which turns the stomach of many a squeamish American. Several types of sashimi are served, the most popular of which is probably tuna. Diners should be lend particular attention to the scent when partaking of this dish. The fish used to prepare sashimi must be exceptionally fresh and as such, it should be devoid of any fishy scent.

Types of Sashimi include:
  • • Maguro Sashimi - uses raw lean tuna
  • • Toro Sashimi - fresh fatty tuna
  • • Ebi Sashimi - fresh tiger prawns
  • • Saba Sashimi - raw mackerel
  • • Ika Sashimi - cleaned squid
  • • Tako Sashimi - octopus
Sashimi is perfect for dinner on Valentine's day's time. Valentine day's with eating Sashimi would be very impressive compared to other Valentine's Day