Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Tanto knife

japanese short sword
japanese short sword

The Japanese swords have become known worldwide as a 'must-have' for any weapon or sword aficionado. It stands out as an outstanding weapon of power and legendary work of art in appearance and make made by pattern wielding or folding.

A Tanto knife may appear as one of the wide variety of ordinary, modern Japanese short swords. Did you know that Tanto knife plays a part in a deadly Japanese ritual? Let's turn back time and find out its part in a Japanese ritual called Seppuku.Seppuku was an integral part of feudal Japan way back during the period of 1192 to 1868. Japanese uses Seppuku as a formal term for ritual suicide.

It is also called Hara-kiri when used as a common language term. It was developed as an important part of the code of discipline for bushido or a code of the samurai warrior class. Seppuku entails stomach-cutting disembowelment or removal of some or all of the vital organs found in the abdomen of a samurai.