Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Japanese sword, or nihontō

Japanese sword

A Japanese sword, or nihontō., Is one of the traditional bladed weapons of Japan. These are categorized in several types according to size and method of manufacture. The most commonly known type of katana, which, as well as formed tachi, is one-eyed and, usually, curved long sword traditionally worn by samurai from the 1400s onwards; Wakizashi is a short sword; Tsurugi are double-edged long swords; Ōtachi or Nodachi older but longer single-edged versions.

Although they are pole-mounted weapons, Yari naginata and is still regarded as part of the family nihontō because the methods they forged.

Japanese swords are still commonly seen; antique and modernly-forged swords can easily be found and purchased. Modern, original nihontō made by several hundred swordsmiths. Many examples can be seen in the annual competition organized by the All Japan Swordsmith Association, under the auspices of the newly formed (Dec.1st, 2008) NihontōShinko Bunka Kyokai, lit. Society for the promotion of Culture of the Sword