Thursday, January 28, 2010

Ramen - the original Japanese noodle soup

Ramen - the original Japanese noodle

Ramen - the original Japanese noodle soup which are usually topped with either seafood, beef, chicken, spring onions and seaweed. This soup dish has been a staple of the American college student's diet for years. Wildly popular around the world, ramen is to the Japanese what a burger and fries are to your average United States native. Ramen comes in a variety of bases and is best recognized for its long, slender noodles. Complimenting these noodles are such ingredients as dumplings, pork, miso (fermented soybeans) and soya sauce. It's interesting to note that ramen originated in China, rather than Japan, but the dish is almost always associated with the latter source nowadays.

Ramen noodles are made from dough of wheat flour, salt, and a type of alkaline water containing potassium carbonate and sodium bicarbonate. Eggs are sometimes used instead of alkaline water. Noodles are usually flat, fat, thin, and ribbon-like. They can be straight or wrinkled and they come in yellowish hue. Ramen is a typical Japanese food though it originated in China. It is usually cooked with broth or boiling liquids flavored with meat and vegetables. Toppings are usually added like pork and onions to add flavor.

Ramen - the original Japanese noodle

One example of ramen noodles that gained popularity is yakisoba. Yakisoba means "fried noodles." It is prepared with vegetables, bite-sized pork, carrots, cabbage, salt and pepper. It is usually served in a plate. Another way of preparing yakisoba is by piling the noodles. The piled noodles are placed on sliced bread and showered with pickles.

Ramen noodles is perfect for dinner on Valentine day's time. Valentine day's with eating ramen noodles would be very impressive compared to other Valentine's Day